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Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!


VIDEO: Uncovered Trump Interview From Over 25 Years Ago Will SHOCK A Lot of People…

Since Donald Trump announced he was running for president, everyone has accused him of playing to the crowd to just gain popularity. The truth of the matter is, he has been saying this for decades. A video that had been forgotten just resurfaced to prove them wrong.

Conservative Tribune reports:


The video, dated 1988, featured Donald Trump giving an interview to Oprah Winfrey about American policy. During the interview, Trump said many of the things he has been saying recently about what is wrong with America.

“I’d make our allies pay their fair share. We’re a debtor nation,” he said. “Something’s going to happen over the next number of years with this country. You can’t keep going on losing $200 billion.”

When asked if he would ever consider running for president, Trump said wasn’t likely, but wouldn’t discount the idea completely.

He did say that if he ran, he would have a “helluva chance” at winning, based on his belief that Americans were tired of seeing America taken advantage of.


“I don’t know about your audience, but I think people are tired of seeing the United States ripped off,” he said.

Democrats are going to hate this video, it goes against everything they have been preaching.

This just proves that he really cares about this country and is a patriot. The so-called leadership in this country wants America as we know it GONE. Liberals can’t understand the treason Obama and his band of goons commit to gut this nation.

What Trump has to say is the truth. You can’t deny the truth no matter who says it.

Make America great again!


Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!


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