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UPDATE: Dr. Zev Zelenko Passes Away After Long Battle With Cancer – R.I.P. Brave Freedom Fighter

We’ve kept you updated in recent weeks about Dr. Zev Zelenko’s long battle with cancer.

Here is the original article we posted when he was first admitted:

Dr. Zelenko Admitted To The Hospital: “No Matter What Happens, I Want You To Know…”

Then he posted an update a few days later that you can watch here on Rumble:

Then we got three updates a while later on Twitter.

Guess what happened after that?

Twitter deleted them!

Deleted health updates from the man while he’s literally on his death bed!

So wrong.

Tragically, Dr. Zelenko has passed away on Thursday after his long battle with cancer.

In 2020 Dr. Zelenko developed a protocol that included prophylaxis, early intervention, and treatment of high-risk patients with COVID-19.  His treatment plan included zinc, low-dose hydroxychloroquine, and azithromycin.  It is known as, “The Zelenko Protocol.”

His protocol reportedly had a 99% success rate with high-risk patients.

Dr. Zelenko’s protocol helped save millions of lives during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

He is a HERO and a NATIONAL TREASURE during a time of government tyranny.

Dr. Zelenko claimed his regimen was “a gift from God in response to tyranny.”

Our prayers are with Dr. Zelenko, his family and friends at this time.

America’s Frontline Doctors posted Dr. Zelenko’s obituary today.

Statement by Zelenko Labs on the Passing of our Founder Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko

It is with immense sorrow that we announce the passing of our founder Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko. Dr. Zelenko was a physician, scientist, and activist for medical rights who touched the lives of millions of people. Some were saved as his role as a doctor, and even more were inspired by his words. His “Zelenko Protocol” saved millions and earned him a Nobel Prize nomination and the admiration of a U.S. President among other prominent world leaders.

Born in socialist slavery, and then immigrating to the United States, Dr. Zelenko was the embodiment of the American dream. The child of poor immigrants who rose to success as a physician and a businessman. But Dr. Zelenko was more than a physician. As an activist and a businessman, he was also a man of deep faith, incredible love for his family, and a tireless inspiration to the company. But, perhaps most of all, Zev was our friend. The world knows the dynamic firebrand who never feared speaking the truth to power or about issues he cared deeply about. Dr. Zelenko was a man of great, subtle humor and deep intellect.  For every verbal jab he threw at the tired and incompetent establishment, a dozen more light-hearted laughs were spent with him and the team. Dr. Zelenko could laugh at himself as easily as others, and was always in great spirits, no matter the darkness that surrounded him – something that’s easily overlooked in today’s climate of hypersensitivity.


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