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Rudy Giuliani: NYC Lawmakers Are “Committing Murder”

After New York City lawmakers voted to end qualified immunity for police officers many including former mayor Giuliani are voicing their concern.

Could this be a terrible move for New York City?

I am from New York City and I can tell you one thing: NYC is an extremely wild place.

Anything and everything happens there, and maybe it will not pay to restrict police action there. Do some laws need to change? Absolutely. Do officers need to second guess every little thing? Nope!

Having to do a job where so many things are already on the line is hard. Having to do that job while walking on eggshells is even worse.

Sometimes we need to make split second decisions. We are all human, and the last thing we need is to have to go through a mental checklist during a split second moment.

Here is more on the story:

Newsmax had more on the story: 

New York City’s lawmakers are “actually committing murder” with their vote to end qualified immunity protection for the city’s police officers, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Newsmax TV Saturday.

“It’s devastating,” Giuliani said on Newsmax TV’s “America Right Now.” “The reality is, the government of New York City is so incompetent. It’s so left-wing. It’s built on unrealistic theories of socialism that failed 100 years ago.

City Council members late last month, while passing a series of reforms, effectively ended qualified immunity, leaving police officers more vulnerable to civil lawsuits in cases of excessive force and unreasonable searches.

Unions representing the NYPD have been pushing hard against the move, saying it will make it hard for police to protect the community from criminals.

Fox News reported: 

The New York City Council moved to end qualified immunity for police officers Thursday, making it the first big city in the nation to do so.

The measure passed as part of a broader overhaul of police practices.

The legal doctrine has for decades protected officers from lawsuits alleging misconduct against those they’re arresting, unless the officer had violated a clearly established constitutional right. 

Qualified immunity first came under scrutiny during the racial injustice and police brutality protests that roiled the nation in the light of George Floyd’s death.

The city council said in a statement the bill would protect New Yorkers against unreasonable search and seizures and against excessive force, in addition to banning qualified immunity. The Big Apple joins two states, Colorado and Connecticut, in curbing the immunity defense.


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