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Pregnant Mom Is Kicked Off Plane Because Her 2 Year Old Was Eating Without A Mask

Spirit Airlines always seems to be on the wrong end of the news.

A family was kicked off their flight in Florida by a Spirit Airlines flight attendant because their 2-year-old was eating without a mask.

The incident was all caught on video and showed a 2-year-old girl eating without a mask which led to a flight attendant asking the toddler’s parents to put a mask on the toddler.

The toddler’s parents then refused to put a mask on their daughter which resulted in an attendant immediately kicking them off their flight.

Check it out the moment it happened:

The New York Post didn’t stay behind and shared these details:

Video shows a Spirit Airlines flight attendant threatening to kick a family of four off a plane in Florida on Monday — arguing that their 2-year-old girl wasn’t wearing a mask.

All of the passengers on the flight from Orlando to Atlantic City were eventually forced to get off the plane before later being allowed back on board.

In footage posted on social media, a flight attendant told the Jewish family — including a toddler sitting on her pregnant mom’s lap eating yogurt and a dad who pulled his mask down to speak with the airline worker — that they needed to exit the plane for “non-compliance” with the mask rules.

Instead of issuing an apology Spirit Airlines tried to defend themselves in a now-deleted tweet.

Breitbart News added more details on Spirit Airline’s response to the incident:

Spirit Airlines has released a response to a video that went viral across social media platforms on Monday that showed an unidentified flight attendant telling a family to get off the plane due to their two-year-old’s unwillingness to wear a face mask.

In the statement, which was shared to Twitter, Spirit Airlines falsely claimed the dispute was over the adults in the party, who the airline claims were “not complying with the federal mask requirement”:

We’re aware of incorrect information circulating about Spirit Airlines Flight 138 from Orlando to Atlantic City. The flight was delayed due to the adults in a party not complying with the federal mask requirement. We have allowed the Guests to continue on the flight to their destination after assurances of compliance. The safety of our Guests and Team Members is our top priority.

Contrary to the statement from Spirit Airlines, the video circulating social media clearly shows the flight attendant discussing the need for the two-year-old child to wear a face mask, causing a two-hour delay for the many passengers seated on the plane preparing for takeoff.

“What did I do,” the mother asked when she was approached by the flight attendant.

“I told you, noncompliance you will have to get off,” the flight attendant said as she motioned towards the front of the aircraft. “I didn’t wanna do this, but you have to pick up your stuff…”

You would think that a 2-year-old not wearing a mask while eating wouldn’t be a big deal considering everyone removes their mask while they eat on planes anyway.


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