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Obama Foundation Just Landed $100 Million Donation – It Came Directly From Liberal Billionaire Jeff Bezos

Ah, poor Obama. He’s been out of office for over 5 years, but he has yet to finish his presidential library. The planned center was supposed to be built in the heart of Chicago but has hit numerous roadblocks. One of the biggest shockers was how the cost of the final product might break the scales at around $1 billion.

How can a former president who works for Netflix, landed juicy book deals, and is good buddies with the world’s ruling elite going to find that kind of money? Never fear, folks. Because a man who apparently doesn’t even know Obama very well is dumping a cool $100 million into his lap.

From Daily Wire:

A new report states that Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos has committed $100 million to the Barack Obama Foundation…

“The two are not close, but ‘have seen each other socially from time to time,’ Valerie Jarrett, the Obama family’s longtime aide-de-camp told me,” Theodore Schleifer of Puck News reported.

How interesting. Obama was struggling to find a way to pay for his massive “center.” But lo and behold, one of the richest men in the world is giving him $100 million. How nice it must be to be rich and famous? The founder of Amazon is giving a former president a truckload of money.

Some are snickering, saying that Bezos is trying to get into the Obama inner circle. Oh, that doesn’t sound alarm bells! Why does a multi-billionaire need the influence of a man who (supposedly) doesn’t have any more power?

People wonder who is currently running the White House. We know that Biden filled his administration with former, far-left Obama staffers. Some have speculated that Obama is the “shadow president” that is really calling the shots, as Sleepy Joe mumbled and fumbles around.

Maybe that explains why Bezos dumped so much cash into his lap?

Hey, Bezos, why not donate that money to help cure cancer? Or end poverty in the United States? Or how about solving the energy crisis? No, Obama needs that money much more.

If anything, this is yet another example of how the rich ruling elite takes care of each other. These folks promise to “redistribute the wealth” to help the poor and the needy. But, when push comes to shove, they are the last people they are concerned about.


Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!


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