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‘Heartbreaking:’ Sexual engagement among minors at border facility, report

A migrant detention center in Texas is witnessing that improper sexual acts are being widely committed among minors, even between siblings, Owen Shroyer revealed on a recent War Room episode on April 1.

The InfoWars host’s report from an insider at the facility about how the children’s behavior under supervision at the tent-like camps set up to house the illegal migrants at the US border might be greatly disturbing, reports The Gateway Pundit.

At the detention center, minors are committing sexual relations, and the same happens even between siblings. 

Shroyer believes such behaviors are strange. This “phenomenon” is transpiring in the facility, and it indicates that the children may have suffered similar conditions before they got under US custody.


“Not normal behavior,” he said, “unless of course, they’re being subjected to molestation and rape and other sexual things on the journey.”

Infowars also learned that officers at the facilities have to isolate these children because they are acting out what happened to them and their relatives when they were on the journey of entering the US border. 

Another disturbing issue would be when the children are sent to hotels. Shroyer wondered if they would then be placed with a family member, traffickers, or a cartel.

This threat is possible because staff and volunteers who are specifically caring for children at the new emergency sites are exempt from FBI fingerprint tests, which use criminal records that are not open to the public and can detect people who change their names or use a false identity. 


In other words, minors would be assigned with federal caregivers who do not necessarily have to undergo a careful and thorough background check.

“So, who knows what could be happening to those kids. A woman goes in with three kids, she comes out with one. Would anybody even know? Would anybody even ask a question?” Shroyer surmised the scenario. 

The host did not forget to advise his audience’s immediate action if they encounter such similarly outraging shelters for migrants, “Folks, I’m telling you, call your local senators. Get in front of the city council. If there is a facility like this in your area, record it, film it, document it.”

“This is devastation to America. A ticking time bomb, what’s going on with this open border.” Shroyer commented. 


Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!


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