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Lock Her Up: Hillary Clinton Trolls Trump on Fake News Reports He Illegally Destroyed White House Documents After Leaving Office

Lock her up. Hillary Clinton trolled Donald Trump on fake news reports he was illegally destroying White House documents after leaving office. The National Archives last week asked the Justice Department to investigate Trump’s handling of White House records after it raided Mar-a-Lago. The National Archives raided Mar-a-Lago last month and retrieved …

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URGENT: Corrupt Michigan Judge Who Dismissed 2020 Election Fraud BUSTED! We Just Found Out He Released Sex Offender Who Went On a RAPE RAMPAGE- EXPOSE HIM!

By Leisa Audette – Michigan Judge Timothy Kenny recently dismissed the lawsuit brought by witnesses to the voter fraud at the Detroit TCF Center because he claimed the witnesses were “not credible.” It’s a tough pill to swallow for the Michigan citizens who witnessed voter fraud and bravely testified about what they …

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Two people who have recently returned to the United Kingdom from Western Africa have been diagnosed with Lassa fever, an Ebola-like viral hemorrhagic disease, London confirmed on Wednesday. A third suspected case is “under investigation.” These cases were both discovered in the same family. Any hemorrhagic disease can pose very …

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Biden Impeachment News

Lawmakers and staffers from both parties are predicting that the Republicans will proceed with an attempt to impeach President Biden if they are able to win the House or Senate in November. The GOP is expected to at the very least make significant gains in Congress, possibly even gaining a …

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Cop Escorting Motorcade Crashes Bike, Trump’s SHOCKING Next Move Set Internet ON FIRE [Video]

An officer escorting President Trump’s motorcade crashed his motorcycle in Indiana. Blue Lives Matter reported that the motorcade was en route to Air Force One, when Officer Robert Turner of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police crashed his Harley Davidson along I-70. Nobody’s sure what caused the crash, but Officer Turner was photographed …

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