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Future VP Harris Led The Charge To Bail Out Rioting Criminals Only 7 Months Ago…Why Are Democrats So Outraged Over Political Violence Now? [VIDEO]

Thank you Rep. Lauren Boebert, the new Republican Rep. from Colorado for having a backbone!  Boebert took to the House floor Wednesday, where she slammed Democrats for impeaching Trump again, and their political violence hypocrisy.  ‘I Call Bull crap’   Have you heard Democrats calling out political violence?  In fact, political violence …

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Unhinged PBS chief counsel exposed by Project Veritas fired after vicious attacks on Trump White House, kids of GOP voter

Michael Beller, former principal counsel and unhinged left-wing lunatic at the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), has been fired after he was exposed saying monstrous things about the children of Republican voters, President Donald Trump and his administration, and Middle America. “This employee no longer works for PBS,” a spokesperson for …

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HUGE Mike Pence Announcement

Vice President Mike Pence made the huge and anxiously awaited announcement formally and in writing on Tuesday evening, that he WILL NOT go along with the Democrat scheme to invoke the 25th Amendment. The New World Order plot to prematurely remove President Donald Trump from office will have to proceed …

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