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Biden Was Just Put on Notice

Congressional republicans continue to announce their intention to impeach Biden if they win the House or Senate in November. Texas Republicans in particular say that Biden’s handling of the southern border is worthy of impeachment. The border situation is one of a number of potential causes for impeachment Republicans have …

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Biden Impeachment News

Lawmakers and staffers from both parties are predicting that the Republicans will proceed with an attempt to impeach President Biden if they are able to win the House or Senate in November. The GOP is expected to at the very least make significant gains in Congress, possibly even gaining a …

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Texas Just Filed A Restraining Order Against President Biden – The Attorney General Accuses Joe Of “Unprecedented Overreach” In Mandate

Americans were shocked when Joe Biden announced a far-reaching restrictions against workers. A big part of his mandate has been temporarily blocked by a federal judge. But that hasn’t stopped Joe from pushing his agenda wherever he can. It appears rules pertaining to private companies might be blocked permanently by …

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