GOP Red Wave Turns Into A Tsunami – 3 ‘Hotly Contested’ Democrat Incumbents Just Got Moved To Toss-Ups

You’d think that after that bloodletting Democrats got this election season, they would have seen the light. But apparently, they took their massive losses in Virginia as a sign they weren’t left enough. Pelosi rushed through the “infrastructure” bill, thinking that would save their bacon. Hasn’t worked out that way. Despite …

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Texas Just Filed A Restraining Order Against President Biden – The Attorney General Accuses Joe Of “Unprecedented Overreach” In Mandate

Americans were shocked when Joe Biden announced a far-reaching restrictions against workers. A big part of his mandate has been temporarily blocked by a federal judge. But that hasn’t stopped Joe from pushing his agenda wherever he can. It appears rules pertaining to private companies might be blocked permanently by …

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Iowa Caucus Poll: Trump Holds Commanding Intra-GOP Lead

Former President Donald Trump holds a commanding lead over several other potential 2024 GOP presidential candidates in Iowa, a survey of likely Iowa GOP caucus-goers obtained by Breitbart News shows. The survey, from pollster Rick Shaftan’s Neighborhood Research and Media, shows Trump at nearly 56 percent with 55.7 percent—leading his …

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Nancy Pelosi Accused Of Concealing $1T In Spending – Chamber Of Commerce Lays Out Democrat “Gimmicks”

Democrats have been hell-bent on getting Biden’s massive reconciliation bill passed. This “build back better” spending bill is little more than a socialist takeover of our country. Biden plans on putting millions of Americans on welfare, while hammering businesses and working Americans with new financial burdens. Yet, Biden and Pelosi …

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McEnany blasts Biden for considering hiring ‘King of Establishment’ Terry McAuliffe

From WWW.FOXNEWS.COM After he lost his second quest for the Virginia governorship in a shocking upset to Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin earlier this month, reports surfaced that President Joe Biden may find a place for longtime Clinton confidant Terence McAuliffe in the White House. McAuliffe has interested suitors in the Biden …

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