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Kamala Harris in PANIC, New Details Emerge

Kamala Harris’ past is already coming back to haunt her. After joining a dozen members of Joe Biden‘s campaign in promoting the Minnesota Freedom Fund, Harris is now being tied to the violent criminals she helped set free. Freeing Dangerous Criminals The Minnesota Freedom Fund was established during the chaos of the summer …

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REPORT: Trump ‘Quietly’ Getting STRONGER

As the Senate impeachment trial gets closer, former President Donald Trump has been staying out of the media spotlight, which is likely driving the mainstream media crazy, and may actually be making him stronger. Without the constant leaks from Democrat or RINO infiltrators in his administration, Trump has been able …

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BOOM: Pentagon Announcement in Favor of TRUMP

The Pentagon has finally made an announcement that favors President Trump, and conservatives are excited. Ending the endless wars has always been a position of the president, and it might finally be happening. According to the new announcement, the military has finally met its goal of reducing the number of troops in Afghanistan …

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Major events show CNN complicit in Capitol raid

After infiltrating the Capitol on Jan. 6 while dressed as a “Trump supporter,” far-left extremist John Sullivan was interviewed by CNN‘s Anderson Cooper, who promoted Sullivan’s “work” and referred to him as a “journalist,” despite lacking any credentials. Not only that, but Sullivan was later arrested for his involvement in the “siege,” as it …

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