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BREAKING: They JUST Confirmed It: Congressman WAS Spied On

The Office of the Inspector General provided an official investigative report on the events of November 2021, when Rep. Troy Nehls stated U.S. Capitol Cops poorly examined his workplace and activities.

In February, Nehls declared that U.S. Capitol Police intelligence officers unlawfully entered his workplace in November and photographed legal info and work. He hypothesized that the actions came because of his criticism of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the select committee examining the Capitol occasions on Jan. 6, 2021.

In an interview with Tim Pool’s Timcast in February, Nehls said,

“I’ve been very, very vocal and very critical of the intelligence sections, specifically chief Pittman, who had all the intelligence on the Jan. 3 assessment.”

“We knew the Capitol was the target. So the point is, is that this is more than just mere coincidence. I’ve been very vocal about the death of Ashley Babbitt. And I’ve done interviews on that and said that shooting was not justified in any form or fashion, and should have gone to a grand jury,” Nehls continued.

Since that time, Nehls has been criticized for his assertions about the occasions of November. This triggered him to continue his efforts to find the fact.

Nehls asked that Michael Bolton, the now-retired inspector general, open an official examination into the incidents in November. Timcast.com obtained and examined the Inspector General’s (IG) report and will share essential information verifying Nehls’ issues concerning the events..

Michael Robison wrote,

“Nehls has maintained that Capitol Police illegally entered his office and took photographs of its contents. He has stated that they conveyed possible nefarious meaning to the contents, which they used to point to his involvement in illegal or improper activities that would put the U.S. Capitol at risk.

The congressman said that the Capitol Police first entered his office on Nov. 20, 2021, which the IG report confirms. Then, Officer Diaz stated the office door was “wide open,” and the office was unattended. The officer claimed this was part of a routine but heightened security check.

After seeing no one was present, Officer Diaz took pictures of a whiteboard containing the words “body armor, China, and import” and a drawing of a U.S. Capitol building with an X on it. He reported the image as suspicious and turned over the report to Officer Thomas Andriko of the Threats Assessment section.

Then on Nov. 22, according to Nehls, officers dressed as “construction workers” attempted to re-enter the Congressman’s office, where they encountered one of Nehls’ staff members. During the encounter, they inquired about the photo and contents in question.”

According to Thomas Manger, Chief of the U.S. Capitol Police, the questions produced enough proof to dismiss issues, and there was no continuous examination.

Nehls and his personnel have actually preserved that a door to their workplace can’t stay open unless by hand propped open with other things. One previous employee informed detectives that “gravity” riggers the door to close and kept in mind that the group had a routine of”locking the doors after hours.”

Nehls and his group have actually confessed that a team member might have left the door opened, however leaving it propped open was not possible. In the IG report, Nehls claims are corroborated. The examination discovered that all three doors resulting in the internal  offices “close automatically when released.” Additionally, all three doors “automatically lock when closed.” The report notes that the only way of keeping the door open would be to prop open the door with other things or leave the lock bolt engaged while the door is opened.

In the IG report and the preliminary report submitted by officer Diaz, he specifies that the door was”wide open and the lights were on,” prompting him to enter the office. In the official report, Officer Diaz says that “nothing was propping the door open during a later interview.”

Diaz’s declaration opposes the facts of the report and the condition of the facilities. The investigative report notes that no previous upkeep or adjustment had actually been done to the office doors prior to or following the occasions of November 2021.

The IG report likewise validates that the 3 officers who went back to Nehls’ office the following Monday to ask about the report were wearing plain clothing as part of their assignment. It makes note that an officer was wearing “Carhart trousers” that day. The report corroborates Nehls declares they were dressed similar to building employees.

Nehls has actually continued to reveal that he was the focus of a wrongful examination, one that insinuated he was included if dubious actions that put the Capitol and other legislators at risk.

Throughout the return see of the plain-clothed officer on Nov. 22, 2021, the 3 officers spoke with former staffer Jay Campbell. Campell informed private investigators that throughout the hardly minutes-long encounter, he was offered the impression that due to the contents of the picture, Nehls was being examined for “importing Chinese body armor into the loading dock” of the U.S. Capitol.”

Campbell clarified that the terminology caught in the image taken in the workplace described legislation being prepared by Nehls to stop the importation of Chinese body armor. He likewise clarified that the “X” on the map pointed an intern to an ice machine the week prior.

The events all occurred when the office was scheduled to be closed for the Thanksgiving vacation, something that Campbell described to the returning officers.

The preliminary demand by Nehls to the U.S. Capitol Police and the Office of Inspector General asked for more info that was not offered in the examination.

Nehls has supplied copies of the interaction between his office and the U.S. Capitol Police. There was no reference to a picture taken by Diaz in the preliminary report, however, it appeared later on in more files and a memo which was upgraded on Jan. 6, 2022. This later upgrade was described as a clerical hold-up in the Inspector General’s report.

No records of the internal usage or circulation of the report, examination, or image have actually been effectively communicated. The IG report concluded that U.S. Capitol Police have badly out-of-date basic operating treatments. The report keeps in mind that more than a half dozen people got an emailed copy of the photo, however, no main archive, tracking, or brochure exists. There is no authorities record of the number of copies of the picture that have actually been dispersed.

This problem raises issues that members of the U.S. Capitol Police can access and disperse delicate info acquired from the personal workplaces of legislators. Such actions might endanger the work of lawmakers and the security of internal operations within the U.S. Capitol.

The IG report further noted no official procedure for taking photos inside the legislator’s office, nor exists a procedure for utilizing and dispersing those products. The issuance of video cameras to officers was not a basic practice up until early 2021.

The report submitted throughout the preliminary event is called a PD-76, which the investigative report notes are utilized when an officer encounters or stops another individual. It was an inappropriate report to be submitted. This most likely raised the internal issue that an individual was incorrectly present inside a U.S. Capitol structure. The IG report details that another report, called a CP-50, was the appropriate report to be submitted. The reporting mistake was never ever remedied, nor was it modified to match the standard procedure of the U.S. Capitol Police.

The IG report verifies the issues of Nehls that his office was inappropriately entered, delicate info was photographed and dispersed, and a follow-up internal examination occurred. The report suggests a total overhaul of the treatments and systems of the U.S. Capitol Police and additional suggests higher oversight of their actions.

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