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Breaking News: Prominent Democrat Leader Found Dead

A prominent Democrat lawmaker with a history of corruption has passed away following a two year battle with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Florida Representative Alcee Hastings, 84, had been keeping up public appearances between medical treatments for the past two years, but was recently moved to hospice care.


Despite the left’s claims that Hastings was a “crusading civil rights lawyer,” he had been impeached and removed from office as a federal judge before he joined Congress.

report from the South Florida Sun Sentinel notes:

“In 1981, Hastings was indicted on charges of conspiring to solicit a $150,000 bribe from an FBI agent posing as a racketeer trying to buy his way out of a prison sentence. In 1983, Hastings’ criminal trial ended when the jury found him not guilty.

Six years later, Congress took up the issue. Concluding he lied during the criminal trial, the House impeached Hastings and the Senate convicted him on eight of 11 articles, removing him from the bench. The Senate did not vote to disqualify him from holding future office.”

Bribery wasn’t the only charge thrown at Hastings during his career. As the #MeToo movement started to gain steam in 2017, information was uncovered showing that the United States Treasury Department had paid $220,000 to settle sexual misconduct claims made by a staff member against the prominent Democrat representative. Two years later, Hastings was under investigation related to a relationship with another staffer, which is against House rules.

In a statement about these allegations, the House Ethics Committee wrote:

“The Committee is aware of public allegations arising out of Representative Alcee Hastings’ personal relationship with an individual employed in his congressional office. On May 14, 2019, the Committee, pursuant to Committee Rule 18(a), began an investigation regarding the allegations. The Committee is specifically considering whether Representative Hastings’ relationship with the individual employed in his congressional office is in violation of House Rule XXIII, clause 18(a), and whether Representative Hastings has received any improper gifts, including any forbearance, from that employee. The Committee continues to gather additional information regarding the allegations.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will be responsible for determining the date of the special election which will be held to fill Hastings’ seat. The district he represented, Florida’s 20th Congressional District, has a significant Democrat majority. According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Joe Biden won 79.8% of the vote in the district in the 2020 election.


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