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Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!


Biden Was Just Put on Notice

Congressional republicans continue to announce their intention to impeach Biden if they win the House or Senate in November. Texas Republicans in particular say that Biden’s handling of the southern border is worthy of impeachment. The border situation is one of a number of potential causes for impeachment Republicans have been toying with. The party seems to be increasingly committed to starting an impeachment battle as soon as possible.

Representative Lance Gooden of Texas said that what Biden is doing to his state is both criminal and immoral and has earned a dramatic response.

Biden, Gooden says, has intentionally inflated the border crisis and has showed leniency towards cartels and human traffickers as the expense of American citizens.”

Senator Ted Cruz agrees that the border is likely to be the most fruitful starting point for impeachment, but added that he believes there are “multiple grounds to consider.”

Before pursuing any of these grounds the Republicans will have to make significant gains in November. Most analysts say that they are likely to outperform the Democrats in a number of key races.

Biden almost certainly will not be removed from office if Republicans follow through on their impeachment promises, but the move would send the desired message.”

The GOP may lack the votes to actually force the president out of the White House, but now that the Democrats have already made impeachment a political stunt, it’s become a freely available tool for the majority party.

Vernon Jones announces ambitious plan

Georgia Republican Vernon Jones, running for Congress currently with Donald Trump’s blessing, says that he will introduce articles of impeachment immediately if he is elected.

His ambitious plan includes impeaching both Biden and Kamala Harris and removing them both from office, then electing Trump as Speaker of the House.

The Speaker follows the vice president in the line of succession so if Jones somehow succeeded at every stage of his plan Trump would be back in the White House.

Jones initially announced that he was seeking to unseat Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp, one of the GOP incumbents who Trump has sworn to see replaced.

Former Senator David Perdue also announced that he would be challenging Kemp; Perdue had the stronger campaign and an endorsement from Trump, so Jones dropped out of the race and endorsed the former senator, announcing his Congressional run instead.

Impeaching Biden is likely to be very popular among Republican voters, so any candidate who leads the charge on it will be making a very productive career move.


Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!


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