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Mike Pence launches a war of words with President Trump… reveals his REAL colors in this video

How out of touch with reality must one be to believe they can start a political fight with Donald Trump during the GOP primary season?

The person spearheading this war is one of the least popular figures in conservative politics, which just serves to highlight how delusional he is. Michael Pence
Pence belongs in the same category as freaking losers Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell, and Adam Kinzinger.

The last time the former vice president betrayed Trump, his standing in the GOP dropped as low as Blockbuster’s, so one would think he would have learned his lesson.

It appears that Trump will soon add a new accomplishment to his resume.

A poll of probable Republican voters in Arizona’s August 2nd governor and US Senate primary elections was conducted by The Gateway Pundit and Cygnal Polling.

The Gateway Pundit released the poll on Friday.

With less than three weeks until the Arizona primary elections, the survey revealed that Trump-endorsed candidates Kari Lake and Blake Masters both have double-digit leads over their rivals.

Both of the candidates backed by Trump will take a tough stance on issues including inflation, the open southern border, election integrity, and putting America first.

The governor of Arizona’s endorsed RINO Karrin Taylor Robson is the closest-trailing candidate for Kari Lake, and the liberal state media in Arizona keeps promoting false polls in her favor. The most recent Gateway Pundit-Cygnal poll shows Kari Lake leading Robson by double digits.

Kari Lake currently has a commanding advantage in the governor’s race.

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