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Trump Crushes DeSantis in Fox News, And DeSantis Crushes Everyone Else – NEW POLL

In a recent Fox News survey of 2024 Republican candidates released on Sunday, former president Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) placed first and second, respectively.

The poll’s participants chose Trump as their top choice out of a selection of 15 probable candidates, giving him a 43 percent support rate. With 28% of the vote, DeSantis was right behind him. Trump has formally declared his bid for president in 2024, while DeSantis’ candidacy is still merely suspected.

There is a gap between Trump and DeSantis because Nikki Haley, the next-place contender, only earned 7% of the vote. Mike Pence, a former vice president, received 7% as well.

When asked if they preferred that President Joseph Biden seek for reelection, Democratic voters were polled as far ahead as 2024.

His wife, Jill Biden, has recently insisted in interviews that her husband is sticking it out even though he hasn’t officially declared his intention to run.
Critics’ major issue with Biden, 80, is his advanced age. When she declared her campaign, Haley said she thought public employees over 75 should undergo a mental competency exam. Just 20% of respondents to the Fox News poll rejected the plan, leaving a massive 77 percent in favor.

According to Fox’s data, while only 37% of Democratic primary voters support Biden running again, more than 50% of them want someone else.

Even if those aren’t particularly impressive members, more than 80% of Democratic respondents said they approve of Biden’s job as president.

The Fox News poll had a three percent margin of error for all voters and was conducted among about 1,000 registered voters.

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