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Bannon Goes Scorched Earth At CPAC – Crowd Goes Absolutely Wild

Steve Bannon, the host of the top-rated program War Room and a former top assistant to President Donald J. Trump, was a central character at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), garnering great public interest.

On Friday, Bannon delivered his speech on the main platform, which inspired the audience to take action to defend their rights against an out-of-control administrative state.

No one anticipated that the crowd would be able to successfully shift the needle on the corporate media from their seats on Friday.

But, they did, which was astounding. The power maneuver is certain to upset Bannon’s critics regarding his enduring political and media influence even more.

Fox made a mistake by declining to broadcast Trump’s appearance in East Palestine, Ohio, the week previous to Bannon’s attack. The little hamlet has suffered a catastrophic event, but the Biden administration disregards them. Trump’s presence was memorable and newsworthy.

And he smashed them, as he had heard they were not going to cover Trump’s CPAC speech, but they did in the end.

Bannon stated, in response to the network’s dismissal of Trump’s press conference with the people of Ohio, “You have determined that Trump will not be president; we have determined that you will not have a network.”

That was the smackdown.

Bannon is a key role in guiding the MAGA movement on how to exercise their authority as Americans and claim their power as citizens, as he instructs them on how to press the change buttons of Washington DC’s elite corporate media and on lawmakers.

And this is precisely what Bannon and his “War Room Gang” accomplished at CPAC. The outcomes are there for everyone to see. Bannon was an independent forcing function.

Throughout the four days of the convention, Bannon’s War Room broadcasts demonstrated over and over again that he knows precisely what he is doing as a daily show to build up warriors, and then his fiery Friday comments -for all the world to see- caused Fox News to jump, and change their naughty prior behavior of ignoring Trump.

After two years in Florida, the CPAC conference moved to the National Harbor, close to Washington, D.C. This year Bannon’s War Room broadcast, from media row, was live to the nation and visited by many of the other featured event speakers, who all gave their own rousing support of the Populist-Nationalist ‘MAGA’ movement that Bannon himself was an architect of going back to his days as the Executive Chairman of Breitbart News and before with his film Undefeated about Sarah Palin’s Firebrand.

Bannon is no stranger to Washington, D.C. power brokers or the political ‘game’ He has devoted three years to educating and constructing a highly interconnected America First organization of grassroots activists, voters, lawmakers, and the media.

His impact over millions of people is undeniable, so even ‘woke’ corporate sponsors who influence the content of cable news networks like FOX know when to fear him, just as they did last week at CPAC.

Here is what Bannon said that brought Fox News to its knees:

The upshot of Bannon’s statement is that Fox covered Trump:

And Kari Lake is correct; Bannon is our George Washington of today.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The DC Enquire reported their reaction to the speech, “On Friday, ‘War Room’ and longtime Trump ally Steve Bannon was on fire during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). During his speech, Bannon blasted the Republican establishment and praised President Trump for his leadership.CONTINUE READING…

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