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Joe Manchin Refuses To Endorse Biden, Suggests Other Dems Will Run

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia refused to get behind a Joe Biden reelection campaign. Sen. Manchin made comments that suggested other Democrats will challenge President Joe Biden in the 2024 Democrat presidential primary.

“Are you going to endorse Joe Biden if he runs for re-election?” a CBS host asked the West Virginia Democrat Sunday morning. “Oh, there’s plenty of time for the election,” Manchin responded, attempting to duck out of answering the question.

“He’s the leader of your party!” the CBS host interjected to which Manchin fired back by saying, “No, the bottom line is let’s see who’s involved.”


On March 2, the West Virginia senator made similar comments when speaking with Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto. When asked if he would support Biden’s reelection campaign, Manchin said: “Well, let’s just see who’s all in the game. I’m not going to say I’m going to support or not support somebody. I want to see and find the best path — the best pathway for America. We got to get out of the toxic relationships that we have in our political process.”

Cavuto asked why the Democrat senator would not automatically support the Democrat president for reelection. Sen. Manchin refused to give a concrete explanation but said he will endorse whoever “has the best plan” and will “find a pathway that basically brings America together.”


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