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Senator Kennedy Roasts Joe Biden at CPAC

Sen. John Kennedy is known for saying exactly what is on his mind.

His no-nonsense approach and viral speeches have made him a fan-favorite among conservatives.

For anyone who tuned in during his speech at CPAC, Kennedy once again did not disappoint!

Kennedy roasted Joe Biden on everything from his handling of the border crisis to COVID-19.

he began his speech solemnly enough:

“I do not hate anyone. I look for grace wherever I can find it,” said Kennedy.

“So I say this gently: The Biden administration sucks.”

It was all down hill from there as he continued his roast!

The Washington Examiner reported on some of Kennedy’s hilarious comments:

“I do not hate anyone. I look for grace wherever I can find it, so I say this gently: The Biden administration sucks,” Kennedy said, naming its handling of matters including the border, the Afghanistan withdrawal, and COVID-19, concluding, “President Biden has been spectacularly awful. If you put President Biden in charge of the Sahara desert, he would run out of sand. If the aliens landed in Washington, D.C., tomorrow and said, ‘Take me to your leader,’ it would be embarrassing.”

Kennedy said the egos of people in government make him wonder how some of them “made it through the birth canal” and said the Right would need to “get some new conspiracy theories because all the old ones came true.”

This man could easily be a stand up comedian on the side:

Kennedy had plenty more to say as reported by the Washington Times:

Sen. John Kennedy on Thursday said “common sense is illegal in Washington, D.C.” and he doesn’t understand how some people roaming around the nation’s capital “made it through the birth canal.”

Speaking at the annual CPAC gathering on the outskirts of Washington, Mr. Kennedy, Louisiana Republican, laid out what “the truth is.”

“America is not perfect, but we are good, and I cannot imagine what the world would be like without our country,” he said.

Everyone appreciates a good speech from the senator:

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