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Fate of the Pfizer Whistleblower Case To Be Decided by Federal Judge in Texas

A federal judge in Beaumont, Texas, is considering whether or not to dismiss a suit brought forward by whistleblower Brook Jackson who alleges Pfizer, Ventavia Research Group, and ICON manipulated and suppressed data showing the tie between the COVID-19 vaccine and adverse side effects.

The complicated case, which involves the FDA, the Biden administration and several pharmaceutical agencies, has far-reaching implications.

U.S. District Judge Michael Truncale heard oral arguments to determine if the case should advance to the discovery stage on March 1.

Attorneys for Pfizer and subcontractors (Ventavia Research Group and ICON) petitioned the judge to dismiss the case. 

According to the Epoch Times, defense attorneys appeared to try to shift responsibility for any wrongdoing, arguing that even if protocol violations occurred by their watch, the suit should not move forward because the federal government was aware “but still granted emergency authorization to Pfizer’s vaccine.”

Pfizer’s attorneys attempted to minimize the gravity of the complaints, asserting that “even if rules were violated, the problems only affected a small number of trial sites.”

Brook Jackson’s attorneys argued that the FDA wrongfully authorized the vaccine before reviewing the concerns expressed in the whistleblower’s well-documented complaint. 

Truncale noted that allowing oral arguments on motions to dismiss was unusual, but it was necessary for due process in this case. 

Noting the case had captured the public’s attention, Truncale said he would carefully consider the matter and not issue a ruling from the bench.

The Ventavia research firm hired Jackson in September 2020. She has 18 years of clinical trial experience and is considered an expert in the field. 

Notably, Ventavia fired Jackson the same day she submitted an alarming report profiling vaccine trial irregularities to the FDA. 

Jackson responded by suing Ventavia, Pfizer and ICON for illegal retaliation and violating the False Claims Act, which prohibits making false or fraudulent claims concerning trial results.

Before the hearing, Jackson told The Epoch Times: “I did this on behalf of the American people.”

After the hearing, Jackson said of Truncale: “I felt like he was very thorough, and he understood this is an important case.”

Though some have criticized Jackson’s actions and called her “anti-vaccine,” Jackson insists: “I love my country. I’m anti-corruption. It’s all about the vaccine-injured for me and taking down pharma.”

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