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Dominion’s Latest Filing Is Devastating For Fox News

In a new filing in their lawsuit against Fox News, Rupert Murdoch admits that his hosts endorsed Trump’s election lies which is a devastating admission of defamation.

Via: Dominion’s filing here is Rupert Murdoch in his deposition:

Q: You are aware now that Fox did more than simply host these guests and give them a platform; correct?

A. I think you’ve shown me some material in support of that.

Q.In fact, you are now aware that Fox endorsed at times this false notion of a stolen election?

A.Not Fox, No. Not Fox. But maybe Lou Dobbs, maybe Maria, as

Q.We went through Fox hosts Maria Bartiromo, yes?

A. Yes. C’mon

Q: Fox host Jeanine Pirro?

A: I think so.

A. Oh, a lot.

Q: Fox host Sean Hannity?

A: A bit
Q Lou Dobbs?

Q. All were in that document; correct?

A. Yes, they were. About Fox endorsing the narrative of a stolen election; correct?

A. No. Some of our commentators were endorsing it.

Q: About their endorsement of a stolen election?

A. Yes. They endorsed

There you have it. FC Chairman Rupert Murdoch admitted under oath, as he had to once he finally faced the evidence, that the hosts of the accused Fox shows did far more than just host these guests and give them a platform that would be enough for Fox to be liable, infra pp.59-60 (publisher liable for
republishing false and defamatory statement while knowing or recklessly disregarding the truth). He admitted that each of the Fox hosts (other than Tucker Carlson) endorsed the stolen election lies. As for Carlson, Rupert admitted that it was wrong to host Mike Lindell on January 26, 2021, to repeat those allegations against Dominion if Carlson didn’t contest it And Carlson admitted he did not contest it. And numerous other reasons, Fox has no viable neutral reportage defense, even if the doctrine were good law.

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Rupert Murdoch’s Admission Was Devastating For Fox News

This filing is absolutely devastating for Fox News because it contains an admission from the man at the top that his hosts were not acting as journalists reporting the news. Fox News didn’t get the Dominion voting machines conspiracy wrong. They endorsed and intentionally spread it. The hosts were knowing participants in defamation.

Why would Murdoch do this?

It appears that his plan is to save his company by throwing his hosts under the bus.

Rupert Murdoch is trying to claim that he was both hands-on and hands-off when it came to reporting and endorsing the Big Lie.

Murdoch only cares about saving $1.6 billion, and if he has to set up his employees to take the fall, that is what it looks like he is trying to do.

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