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Angry Woman Fires Shots Into Burger King Drive-Thru Window Because Of THIS

We have all had to wait in drive-thru lines at fast food joints to get our food.

Sometimes it goes fast and sometimes it takes longer than you would want.

When the line is moving slowly I simply listen to the radio or watch TV until my order is ready.

But a filthy thug in Tennessee had a different response.

She pulled out her (most likely illegal black market) handgun and opened fire into the drive-thru window.

She must have been extremely hungry.

Tamar Lapin at New York Post reports that surveillance photos show the unhinged customer leaning through the Memphis fast-food joint’s open window while brandishing a black handgun.

In one image, released by cops Friday, the woman holds up the firearm with both hands and aims it inside the drive-thru window.

Cops said the woman pulled up to the restaurant Tuesday and got into an argument with workers because she felt that her order was taking too long to complete.

She then grabbed the gun from her car and fired several shots at the staffers, police said.

The employees fled through a back door and thankfully were unharmed.

Police are searching for the deranged thug. A reward of up to $1,000 is being offered by Crime Stoppers of Memphis and Shelby County Inc. for information that leads to an arrest.

This thug needs to be arrested, convicted and thrown in a cage where she belongs.

Simply unbelievable.

Oh and by the way, you won’t see this on the Communist run media like CNN or MSNBC- I can guarantee you that!

Sick of the censorship and basement dwelling liberal scumbags fact checking you?


Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!


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