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Donald Trump’s Newest Endorsement May Shock You

On March 30, Donald Trump issued a surprising endorsement, passing over a close ally who was also running for the same position. Trump endorsed the reelection bid of South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick, passing over close ally Lin Wood, the attorney who filed several lawsuits regarding the 2020 election. “Drew McKissick has …

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Trump Interview Turns Brutal!

Donald Trump didn’t hold back in an interview with Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe, as his criticism of the current administration turned brutal. In the interview, released on March 22, Trump stated that the Biden administration had been “far more radical than Bernie Sanders ever thought was possible.” Boothe noted that Joe Biden cancelled the construction …

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DETAILS: They Are ALL Resigning

According to a report released by the New York Times on February 2, highly regarded health officials have been resigning steadily over the last six months due to Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s handling of New York’s pandemic policy. Health Officials Disagree With Governor Nine health officials have resigned so far, which include the …

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