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Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!


13 Traitors Will be Ousted Soon, Their True Colors Bleed Through

Conservative members of the US House of Representatives are livid at 13 of their “moderate” fellow legislators traitors after in direct dereliction of their duty to their party and constituents they voted with the Democrat majority in favor of what they are calling Biden’s $1.2 trillion ‘socialism bill’. Many of the House turncoats are retiring, others are in swing districts and are hoping to save their skins by virtue of the independents and moderates in their districts outvoting actual conservatives. The bill passed by an extremely narrow margin of 228-206 and now is bound for Biden’s desk to be signed into law. They’ve given a desperately needed win to Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden who were about to mark an entire year of accomplishing nothing.


A Traitors Tally:

The RINO House Members who turned their back on their party and their republican constituents were Reps. Don Young (AK); Adam Kinzinger (IL); Fred Upton (MI); Don Bacon (NE); Chris Smith (NJ); Jeff Van Drew (NJ); Andrew Garbarino (NY); John Katko(NY); Nicole Malliotakis (NY); Tom Reed (NY); Anthony Gonzalez (OH); Brian Fitzpatrick (PA); and David McKinley (WV).

The responses from steadfast conservatives in the House were devastating,

“That 13 House Republicans provided the votes needed to pass this is absurd,” said Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX). “Any House Democrats claiming to be moderate after voting to pave the way for a social transformation bill with massive amnesty, against American energy, for budget-busting and unpaid-for spending with massive tax increases, and for massive OSHA fines for vaccine mandates should be laughed out of the room.”

Unfortunately, now that the bill has passed the House it is a foregone conclusion to become law. “The legislation passed the Senate in August, but was stalled in the House as Democrats tried to negotiate a deal on a separate $1.9 trillion economic package, another key component of Biden’s agenda that many Democrats had tied to the fate of the infrastructure bill,” TrendingPolitics reported.”

The ‘Not-Bipartisan’ ‘Not-Infrastructure’ “Bipartisan Infrastructure” Bill

We’ve been down this road before, but let’s go through this again so everyone understands.

We’ll once again take this one by the numbers, shall we? Can you really call a bill “bipartisan” when it gets rammed down the opposition’s throat in the House by a nearly party-line vote? The House’s $715 Billion proposal passed with a vote of 221-201, the Senate version passed 67-32, the final version by 229-206 in the House. Point blank: only the most left-leaning RINOs and At-Risk Republicans who can’t stand to lose any local Democrat support voted in favor of this thing. So it firmly, indisputably is NOT bipartisan effort, not when a majority of the GOP wouldn’t even touch this bill, and in the end, even AOC and “the squad” panned it.

Next, it isn’t “infrastructure” and it never was to begin with. In order to shoe-horn redistributive, leftist, socialist programs that they otherwise couldn’t possibly get past a GOP filibuster in the Senate the Democrats employed the same old game of packing pork into a bill that is of dire necessity and holding it hostage. That way if your opposition actually stands by their principles and votes against it you can use their “vote against American infrastructure” as a cudgel to beat them with in 2022.

And here is the Democrat’s flimsy justification from USA Today and Forbes: “Caregiving is one of the most notable examples of how the White House expanded the traditional definition of infrastructure in its jobs proposal to include ‘human infrastructure’ and ‘social infrastructure.’ . . . Event USA Today admits that “BIDEN IS PUSHING A ‘RADICAL SHIFT’ TO REDEFINE INFRASTRUCTURE” according to Deep State Rabbit Hole. The cycle of regurgitation is complete and the splinter of Neo-Con Anti-Trump RINOs desperate for a shot at regaining some semblance of power have handed a major win to the Biden-Harris regime.

In case you’d like to express yourself to these men and women of unprincipled self-interest Rep. Marjory Taylor Greene (R-GA) was kind enough to do some legwork for you:


Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!


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